Clinical Services

Your child will need immunisations at various stages of their development.  In accordance with national guidelines you will be informed of the immunisations required through the Childhood Immunisation Progamme.  Your child will receive written notification and an appointment of when the immunisation is due.  A schedule of immunisations can be found at: The Health Protection Agency

We no longer offer NHS travel vaccinations but we can still offer free travel advice.

As an NHS general practice we offer routine vaccinations to those applicable such as Shingles, Pneumococcal and annual influenza vaccines to our patients only.

There are many types of contraception available and the Healthcare Professional will be happy to discuss the best method of protection for your individual needs.  A prescription can be given for the most common types, but for those choosing a more longer acting method, such as Implants and Coils, a minor surgery procedure will be required, of which we can refer you for.

We offer a minor surgery service which includes the excision of skin tags, minor lumps and bumps.  These clinics are held on a regular basis and usually on a Thursday morning.  You will need to make an appointment to see Dr G Kulandaivelu before being considered for any minor surgery.  The doctors will advise of any condition that is suitable to be dealt with in Practice.  These procedures are normally carried out under local anaesthetic by Dr G Kulandaivelu.

We work collaborately with the Community Midwife who holds weekly clinics.  Please inform the Reception staff of your pregnancy who will then pass on your details to the Midwife.  An appointment will be made for you to attend the ‘Newly Pregnant’ Clinic.  


After your baby is born you will be invited to attend an appointment to see the Doctor for your six week postnatal check. 

We also work closely with the local health visitors and midwifery team to ensure the best care.

Cervical screening (a smear test) checks the health of your cervix. The cervix is the opening to your womb from your vagina. This screening is for all women and people with a cervix aged 25 to 64 you will be invited by letter from NHS England.

During the screening appointment, a small sample of cells will be taken from your cervix. This sample is tested for changes to the cells of your cervix. Finding abnormal changes early means they can be monitored or treated so they do not get a chance to turn into cervical cancer.

You’ll get your results by letter, usually, in about 2 weeks.

Dealing with the stresses of everyday life can lead to difficulties in coping.  If you find yourself relying on drugs or alcohol or just generally feel unable to manage your everyday activities then we have a number of services we can refer in to.  The GP will decide which service is appropriate for your problem and organise a referral or give details for you to self refer.  You can find more information about the North Staffordshire Wellbeing Service here

If we are not open and you need support then you can find the right service for you here.

We offer a wide range of non-NHS services such as private letters, travel vaccinations and insurance reports. Please find our price list here

We are now operating a text messaging system within the practice. The texts from the practice are from the telephone number 07903 589952. These messages will only be used to benefit your healthcare and are not shared with any other organisations. Services include appointment reminders  and helping with administration tasks regarding your healthcare such as your smoking status or informing you we called. If you wish to opt out of this service please call us on 01782 711618 and let us know.