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Self Care Advice

Some conditions you can treat at home without the need of a prescription or an appointment with a clinician using local pharmacies and NHS England’s Symptoms checker.

Signs and Symptoms

You can check the symptoms you have by using the 111 online service. This service will assess the symptoms you have and the system will direct you to the most appropriate service such as local pharmacies, over the counter treatment or an appointment with ourselves.

Local pharmacies

There may be instances where one of our team will refer you to a local pharmacy for your symptoms. Many community pharmacies have an onsite pharmacist who can treat a whole range of minor conditions such as insect bites or stings, congestion, earache and many other conditions. Local pharmacies that offer this service include Boots on Newcastle-under-Lyme High Street and Morrisons Pharmacy on Goose Street.

You can find a list of local pharmacies by going to the NHS Pharmacy Finder

Health information

If you have been diagnosed with a new condition or put on some new medication and you have some questions you can visit the NHS Health A-Z or Medicines A-Z which are designed to alleviate any worries or questions in clear and simple terms. You can also find information and support through NHS partner charities such as The British Heart Foundation and Dementia UK. You can find a list of all partner charities here