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Referral to Hospital by your GP

When a doctor refers you there may be several factors that contribute to length of time until you are seen. These can include; Further tests such as ECG’s, or clinical restrictions such as limited clinics.
Once you have been referred you will be contacted by our administrative team who will give you your login details so you can book the appointment or to confirm the referral.

If you have any queries please feel free to contact us.

If you have been referred to a specialist and would like more information, in the first instance please contact the service provider directly. We have listed the most common local providers below:

UHNM – Royal Stoke/County Hospital01782 715444
Haywood Hospital0300 303 1268
Bradwell Hospital0300 123 0905
Health harmonie0121 454 7779

Patient information leaflet:

Cancer – Your rights to a 2 week Referral

Please see the below information on ‘Your Rights to a 2 Week Referral’.