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Primary Care Network

Primary Care Networks were introduced in 2018 to help patient access primary care services. They are combinations of local practices totalling between 30,000 to 50,000 patients which are able to share facilities, services and staff. We are proudly part of the Newcastle Central PCN which consist of six practices (in alphabetical order):

  • Higherland Surgery
  • Lyme Valley Practice
  • Milehouse Medical Practice
  • Miller Street Surgery
  • The Village Surgery
  • Wolstanton Medical Centre

The PCN was invaluable during the pandemic and the rollout of the Coronavirus vaccination programme. The sharing of staff and resources allowed us to collaborate on a much higher level than possible before.

As a practice we have access to staff that we were previously not able to access before such as a Practice Pharmacist, First Contact Physiotherapist or Mental Health Practitioner. When offered an appointment with one of the PCN staff you may be asked to go to another site, list above, however your clinician will have access to your record and will be able to communicate with our team if needed. You can find a full list of PCN staff on our Meet the Team page.